FACE, the Chicago bred multihyphenate singer/writer/rapper/ is ready to join the proud lineage of musical mavericks who have successfully toppled the music industry. FACE like so many of the greats before him—cultivated his voice singing in the church. As a young man, FACE, found inspiration from iconic voices in Gospel, R&B, and Hip-Hop like John P Kee, Usher, & Kanye West respectively. His vocal ability earned him two Grammy appearances singing background for R. Kelly & Madonna.


 “I was fortunate enough to get those gigs; I got a call from one of my friends who is a musical director and he hooked it up. It was something I needed; it showed me where I truly wanted to be, on stage. It was cool, but I wanted to be there on my own merit not as someone else’s background singer, it made me hungrier.”


Growing up listening and working with these iconic voices transformed FACE into a singer/writer/rapper able create music that embodies multiple vibes and encapsulates multiple generations.


 “I make thought-provoking music aimed at touching people deeply; I want to make music anybody can identify with.”


Born Gabriel Jackson in Chicago, IL, FACE became interested in music at an early age. As a youth, he was able to develop his singing ability at Church, where his grandfather was the pastor. In his teens, FACE became interested in academia as well as music. This propelled him to attend the prestigious Northwestern University and earned him a B.A in Economics which would equip him to start his record label, RUN THE PLAY ENTERTAINMENT.



Driven to excel, FACE found a mentor to help him develop his writing ability and navigate the music industry, by the name of Freckles the Writer, who had written a catalog of hits for R Kelly, Janet Jackson, Marques Houston, Baby Bash and many more acclaimed artists.


“When I met her, I was like you wrote all those songs for R. Kelly and Baby face? I was shocked, but I was excited because I had someone to help me develop my skill set. R Kelly was one of my biggest influencers. I grew up listening to him, that’s all my city played growing up. He may not be the best man, but he has created great music. And my mentor use to be one of his writers, I felt like she was training me to take the R&B torch. It’s like if I played basketball and LeBron’s coach decided to mentor me, that’s the type of feeling I felt.”


In his debut single, FUCBOII, FACE emerges with raw, soulful energy that R&B fans live for. Moody vibes, FUCBOII, shows FACE’s vulnerability through thought provoking lyrics and captivating vocal execution.


“Sometimes you are blinded by your own selfish desires, which cause you to miss the beautiful things right in front of you. We call it “weighing our options “and it can become detrimental when you are trying to find a meaningful relationship.”


With his debut single FACE demonstrates he has the power to redefine the state of music with writing that’s contagious, vulnerable, and visceral. His presence is destined to become undeniable.